Tigerlily Valentine Merchant

Model: MiniFee Shushu NS A-line
Hair: Luts
Eyes: Enchanted Eyes
Face-up: Clockwork Angels

Name: Tigerlily Valentine Merchant
Alias: Tiggy
Age: 19
Ethnicity: English
Family: Twin (younger), Ophelia Vespertine
Biography: Tiggy was born to life in the circus. She is part of a troupe of performers and lives in a small caravan with her sister and √Čtoile. Her specialty is the flying trapeze. She can usually be found lying on a blanket on the moss under a canopy of Chinese lanterns. She enjoys reading and writing stories. Tiggy smells of jasmine and candy floss.

*          *          *          *          *

Tigerlily is a feral young thing that dances through life and cannot stay still. She is like the wild flowers in the meadow that somehow look sad when arranged in a vase on a mantelpiece. A great part of her charm is that she is so delightfully free and will never be caged.

Tiggy’s life is mainly a nocturnal affair. She awakens every evening and travels upwards to the London streets to watch the sunset before preparing herself for the night’s performance. When the crowds disperse, the children yawning and rubbing their tired eyes, she makes her way to the candy floss stand. With this nightly treat she makes her way to the back of the big top where the ring master oversees the celebration of another successful show. There she will laugh and dance in the candlelight with the clowns, fire breathers and contortionists until the roaring fire is nothing but a pile of glowing embers.

On returning to the small caravan that she shares with her sister, Tiggy will indulge her creativity. In the summer months when the night air is warm and carries the faint aroma of spice and ozone, she will lie under a canopy of Chinese lanterns and write poetry or read. After watching the sun slowly trickle through the air vents she retires to her bed where she sleeps, dreaming riotous dreams.