Ophelia Vespertine Merchant

Model: MiniFee Shushu BW A-line
Hair: Luts
Eyes: Enchanted Eyes
Face-up: Clockwork Angels

Name: Ophelia Vespertine Merchant
Alias: Phe
Age: 19
Ethnicity: English
Family: Twin (older), Tigerlily Valentine
Biography: Phe was born to life in the circus. She is part of a troupe of performers and lives in a small caravan with her sister and √Čtoile. Her specialty is the Spanish Web. She can usually be found curled in a dark corner with nothing but the light of a small candle. She enjoys reading and drawing with charcoal. Phe smells of violets and incense.

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Ophelia is a child of the night and is friends with all its mischievous inhabitants. Unlike her vivacious sister Phe is a sullen looking girl, but she is known to possess a dry wit. She is a true daughter of London Below and has no desire to venture to the world above. This love of her natural surroundings has left her with pearly white skin – she unashamedly proud of this.