Etoile aka Miss Penny Dreadful

Model: MiniFee Miyu NS A-line
Hair: Luts
Eyes: Enchanted Eyes
Face-up: The Sinister

Name: Étoile (named after Charles de Gaulle Étoile, the Parisian Metro station where she was found as an infant)
Alias: Éttie, Penny Dreadful
Age: Not on record
Ethnicity: French
Family: Not on record
Biography: Étoile was born a street urchin. She is now part of a troupe of performers and lives in a small caravan with the Merchant sisters. Her specialty is fire manipulation. She can usually be found in the animal tent, whispering to the lions. She enjoys reading and singing in secret. Étoile smells of cloves and petrol.

*          *          *          *          *

Étoile is a wallflower, lurking on the edge of things and keeping to herself. She began life as an urchin on the streets of Paris. As an infant she was taken in by a den of thieves and pedlars and was trained as a fire dancer in order that she earn her keep. She learnt to speak English from a young gentleman from London who, having travelled to the city in the hope of discovering a truly Bohemian existence, joined the merry band of pickpockets after finding himself bankrupt at the hands of gambling and an unfortunate absinthe addiction. He told her of the glamorous city and its dangers and delights.

Carnaby Street. Hyde Park. Piccadilly Circus.

Spurred on by her insatiable curiosity and abhorrence of the life that she had been forced to live, Éttie bid Paris adieu and made her way to London. Shortly after arriving in the strange new city she sought an audience with the Ringmaster at the circus that she had already grown so fond of. He was quick to recognise her talents and asked her to join the troupe.

The Merchant twins took Éttie under their sisterly wing and she resides with them in their small caravan. Éttie soon rose to semi-fame as a circus starlet, where she goes under the alias Penny Dreadful. Playing with fire is, after all, a cheap trick.